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Textiles & Upholstery

Textiles fade and wear just like clothing and other such personal items.  .and.once.we.were.  is not responsible for wear and tear on any textiles after purchase.


Reupholstery / upholstery is an art and a science that is hand done. Fabrics and furniture when "married" during upholstery do not always meet with perfection.  Real life upholstery is very different than photoshop and magazine images. Furniture and fabrics needs to breathe and adapt and react to each other and thread, buttons, staples, steel, wood and other such elements. Please have reasonable expectations regarding such issues. Fabric will acquire comfort wrinkles (just like your pants) and is a normal evolution of an upholstered piece.


Although it is my privilege to bring new life to old pieces, there is room for imperfection in the final outcome. I do my best to restore old pieces to their optimal beauty and potential and comfort.  There is no guarantee that an old piece will be "brand new".

Custom Peices

There are no returns or exchanges on custom pieces. Deposits are non refundable.  


If a new added mechanism (leg, base, swivel) becomes faulty within a year of the purchase, .and.once.we.were.  will work to fix it at my cost. After one year of purchase, .and.once.we.were. can not be held responsible for faults of any kind. 

Any issues due to use or wear by the client that are out of .and.once.we.were. control (such as pet use or children or friends with sharp things in their pockets) I can not be held responsible for the repairs. I will work with you to fix it, if requested, at regular labor rates. All furniture should be respectfully cared for at all times by the client.

Vintage & Antique Items

I love vintage and antique furniture. Unfortunately there is no guarantee regarding the lifespan of an antique or vintage piece.  If your vintage or antique piece breaks, cracks or needs structural attention, I can attend to that if you are local to Lincoln. There is a client fee for such repairs. I can not be responsible for the wear and tear of vintage pieces once sold and can not guarantee that pieces will not squeak or show their age in other ways. All furniture should be respectfully cared for at all times by the client.


I do my best to accurately describe the condition of any vintage/antique/second hand items that are listed for sale, however things that are important to me, may not be the details you are looking for, please email with questions regarding condition of any items. 

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